Céline Bossu – Vocal

The charismatic French singer Céline Bossu comes from Lyon. At the age of fifteen, she decided to study Polish and therefore went to study this language to Béthune, a town in northern France. Within the course of her studies, she already performed on various local stages and  cabarets. A breakpoint in her life was when she met two Czech street musicians as she was on the way from the faculty. She decided to accompany them as a singer on their musical trip across Europe. This european journey eventually led her to northern Moravia, where she anchored, learned Czech and wnt on singing, as well as composing music and writing lyrics. Even though she has been living and working in the Czech Republic for many years, her soul is still connected with her native France. She mostly writes her texts in her native language or in English and thematically, it regards love, joy, but also sadness, in brief,  everything that composes life.


Milan Kratochvíl – Drums

Much more than just a great drummer, he’s a real personality. Although it may not sound very poetic, Milda is the GPS of the band. While the process of creating a new song is only at its start, he already hears it, feels it and knowns all the shortcut where the melody should go through to lead to the right aim. And if you can feel the taste and smell of plum brandy in the songs of our group, then there is no doubt who it comes from.


Ondřej Růčka – Bass

Bassist, pianist and extraordinary vocalist. According to his own words, the only “true Valachian” of the group. A man of a thousand faces. The more he uncovers, the more there remains to discover. Undoubtedly one of the very few who managed to discover the Edith Piaf´s rock touch…

Roman Vavřík – Piano, accordion

Pianist, accordionist. Silent and listening, but revealing everything in his musical expression. With his fingers, he manages to create a solid base as well as decorative ornaments in his unexpected musical works. Unique composer and towing element of the Roman-Céline author’s tandem.


Jiří Krumpoch – Guitars

After a ten-year break, Célinka took him out of the closet, blew the dust off, married him and he was  ready to take the position of the band guitarist. Céline’s oldest musical trip companion returns to the scene after a slight mid-age crisis, and not only as a guitarist but also as an occasional author’s contributor.